Best Movie of the Year 1931

M is a German movie from 1931, directed by Fritz Lang. If you like Hitchcock, you will like this one.

A child-murderer is lose in a German city. The police are doing daily raids in their attempts to find the murderer. This disturbs the other criminals of the city and they decide that they will try to catch the murderer themselves.

M, the movie’s title, stands for Mörder, which is German for murderer. The movie is also known as M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder, which means A city is searching for a murderer.

M was the first serial killer movie and was followed by movies such as Psycho.

Fritz Lang’s M (1931) – trailer

If you don’t want too many spoilers you should stop watching at 2:35.

Fritz Lang’s M (1931) – full movie

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