The Last of the Mohicans

Movie of the Year Runner-up 1992

The last of the Mohicans, directed by Michael Mann, is based on a novel with the same name, but there are big differences between the book and movie. The book was written by James Fenimore Cooper and was first published in 1826.

The last of the Mohicans is a romantic adventure movie that takes place in 1757. The war on America, between the English and the French has been going on for three years.

Major Duncan Heyward (Steven Waddington) is going to travel from Albany to Fort William Henry, where Colonel Edmund Munro (Maurice RoĆ«ves) is in command. The Major will also escort the colonel’s daughters, Alice (Jodhi May) and Cora (Madeleine Stowe), to the fort. Duncan wants to marry Cora when they return to London, but Cora is not very interested in him.

They will travel along with a company of soldiers for protection. They also brought the Mohawk Magu (Wes Studi) as their guide. The Mohawks were allied with the English. However, it turns out that Magu is a Huron leader, and not at all a Mohawk, and he leads them into an ambush. They were attacked by Hurons, who were allied with the French.

The major and the sisters were rescued by Hawkeye (Daniel Day-Lewis), Chingachgook (Russell Means) and Uncas (Eric Schweig), who followed them to the fort. Hawkeye is a white man and he was born as Nathaniel Poe. When he was 1-2 years old, his parents were killed and the Mohican Chingachgook adopted him. He then also got Uncas as his stepbrother.

It is Hawkeye’s stepfather Chingachgook who is the last of the Mohicans, according to both the novel and the movie. However, in reality, there are still Mohicans.

The ending of the movie is amazing. Seldom has a movie left such an impression that lasts for a very long time after you have seen the movie. Because of this, and because of the wonderful music, The Last of the Mohicans is very close to sharing the title Best Movie of the Year 1992 with Reservoir Dogs.

The Last of the Mohicans was awarded with an Oscar for best sound.

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